Why should I become a member?

We could list the benefits of membership, like the privilege to vote on things like budgets, elders, and (dare we say) senior pastors; but membership is much more than a list of perks. Becoming a member demonstrates your commitment to the local fellowship of believers here at New Hope. Membership says “this is where the Lord has placed me, and I’m committed to using my gifts in this body to further the cause of Christ.” It’s like a marriage…sure, you can live together forever, but there’s something special about the commitment that comes with saying “I Do.”


Great Commandment

Step 1

Attend three one-hour classes that cover: Values and History, Doctrine, Small Groups and Serving, Constitution and Bylaws.

Great Commission

Step 2

Prayerfully consider whether to make the commitment of membership, sign the membership application, and turn it into the office.

Great Commission

Step 3

Your application is then reviewed by the Board and approved at its next meeting.


If you’re ready to attend a membership class, click the link below to see the schedule of upcoming classes.

Questions about membership?