The New Hope KidZone

Where Every Kid Counts

The KidZone is a creatively-wired, kid-focused, volunteer-fueled, crazy-praising, Christ-centered, best hour-and-a-half-of-your-week kinda place! Every Sunday morning we meet for an awesome time of singing praise to God, playing wacky games, giving our offering around the world, praying to our Creator, and teaching right out of the Bible! Come hang out Sunday at 10AM! The New Hope KidZone: Where Every Kid Counts!

KidZone On Sundays

Early Childhood: Ages 0 – 2

Children are uniquely created by God and greatly valued by Him. We welcome your children into our nurseries with open arms. Our Goal is to care for them in a safe and loving manner so they may know God loves them all the time.

KidZone Junior: Ages 3- 5

Children need a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our aim is to introduce and expand a child’s perception of who Jesus is. We use music, crafts, and Bible stories to show why we desire to serve and follow Him.

KidZone J.V: Ages 6 – 8

J.V. is a time when the stories of scripture are pulled together. Kids are taught by many different teachers, but their goal is all the same: to help kids see Christ in the story of scripture from Genesis through Revelation.

KidZone Varsity Ages 9 -11

KidZone Varsity’s focus is to move beyond understanding, and into application. Once kids can understand scripture, they can take steps to apply it to their everyday lives at home, at school, and in the world.

KidZone University: Ages 12-13

These kids are taught more than just an understanding of the Bible. They are taught to see the application in scripture, and to use it to defend their faith! An “apologetic” approach to the Bible shows kids evangelism, service, and a deepening of their personal faith.

New Hope Community Church Member Testimonial

"As a family, our favorite day of the week has always been Sunday. We love going to our church, especially KidZone. Some of our favorite parts are kidzone questions, teaching time, and 9 square. But our absolute favorite by far is worship. We love worship because the music is loud, upbeat, and gives glory to God."