Why Dedicate a Child?

Children are a gift from God and are precious to Him. Dedicating our children to the Lord is an important covenant we make before God. It is through baby dedication that parents make this covenant and publicly proclaim their faith in Christ and their commitment to passing their faith on to their children. As a church, we desire to help you succeed in this parenting journey.

The word “dedication” means “to consecrate” or the act of setting apart people or things to serve God. In the Old Testament, we see how Hannah prayed for a child and promised God that the child, Samuel, would be given to the Lord all the days of his life (1 Samuel 1:11, 28). In the New Testament, we see how Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple to “present” Him to the Lord (Luke 2:22). When we dedicate children today, we recognize God’s call on their lives to be “set apart” from the world, and we commit to raising them in the fear and admonition of the Lord.


Great Commandment

Step 1

Let us know of your desire to dedicate your child.

Great Commission

Step 2

Someone will contact you to discuss the dedication process.

Great Commission

Step 3

Choose a date and invite friends and family.

If you’re ready to dedicate your child, “submit a connect card”

Dedication FAQs

At what age should I dedicate my child?
There’s no set age; but typically, parents dedicate children when they are young infants, generally, under 1 year old.
Do I have to be a member to dedicate my child?
Parents do not have to be members of New Hope.
What are the requirements for me to dedicate a child?
  1. Parents must have a personal relationship with Jesus as Lord
  2. You must affirm New Hope’s statement of beliefs
  3. You must be regular attendees of New Hope
What if I’m a single parent, or we’re living together?
  1. Single parents who are believers and regular attendees are welcome to dedicate their children.
  2. For parents who are living together and not married, we ask that you take steps to surrender to God’s plan for your relationship before participating in child dedication.